Mistake to Blessings: Philippine Narra, The Tree of Life…

When we talk about the National Tree of the Philippine which is the Narra tree or Rosewood (Pterocarpus indicus Willd), the first thing that goes in our mind are the characteristics of the Narra tree for being strong and good quality for furniture and building purposes.

But there was a mistake that led to the discovery of Narra’s healing power for our body. It was discovered in 1991 by Virgilio V. Ecarma, a reserve Lieutenant Colonel of the Philippine Air Force and former Philippine Airlines Boeing 747-400 Captain. Because of his frustration with the temporary relief gained from those prescribed medicines to his rheumatoid arthritis, he decided to searched for any alternative cure and that brought him accidentally into the discovery of the Philippine Narra’s health benefits. He boiled the cut branches and bark scrapings of Narra from which he was mistakenly thought that it was the much popular Mahogany tree for his arthritis. Then he drank a glassful of the Narra tea and after a few hours, he felt the decrease in pain and then the next day, the pain was totally gone. He decided to gave the Narra tea to his brother-in-law’s who was suffering that time from diabetes with a persistent eczema on his foot. Surprisingly, his brother-in-law’s blood sugar became normal and itch was gone. This is the reason that he decided to finance the scientific validation of the Narra tree as a safe medicinal plant.
There was a clinical study that conducted by Dr. Chuchi Quijano at Mactan, Cebu, Philippines and the result showed that Philippine Narra has the ability to lessen the inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis, to lower the blood sugar of diabetes mellitus patients and it was also proven that through the Narra Tea, the urinary stones can washed away with their urine.

A Mistake turns to Blessing: Philippine Narra, The Tree of Life…


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